Hey Folks Frogman here.... It is VERY important to take proper care of your table
below are a few quick and easy tips to keep your table looking and working great for years to come.

First things first someone at some point will end up spilling something on the pool table at some point during its lifetime!
Pool table tops get dirty – drinks spill, chalk marks and powder, dirt build-up, accidents with food, just to name a few possibilities.
Regularly cleaning the felt top is important to help keep it looking great and to prolong its life for years to come.

Step 1:
Remove all balls from the pockets. Take this opportunity to give them a clean too by wiping them with warm water and a soft cloth.

Step 2:

Purchase a pool table brush. This brush is suitable for using on felt table tops – it consists of bristles in two lengths, longer at the edges and shorter in the middle. They're inexpensive; look for them online under "pool [or billiard] table brush" Use it after every playing session to remove dirt, dust, chalk dust, and any other foreign contaminants that have appeared during the games. Wipe or brush down the bumper railings first, then brush the felt top; this allows the dirt on the railings to fall on the felt top before you have gone to the effort of brushing it. Sweep all of the dirt from the center of the table into the nearest pockets using straight brush strokes. Do not use circular motions as this will go against the weave of the felt, causing it to rub up.

Step 3:
Vacuum the pockets using a thin, long nozzle connection on the cleaner. Repeat this process for each hole

Step 4:
Polish the wooden areas around the top, sides, and legs. Although this doesn't impact the felt itself, it does help to remove possible contaminants located on the wood that can migrate to the table top. Use your usual wood polish or oil; citrus based wood polishing oil is suitable.

Step 5:
Try a proprietary product. If preferred, there are pool table cleaning products on the market. These cleaners claim to penetrate the felt pile without dampening it and the manufacturers of such products claim that sweeping just moves the chalk around rather than removing it. Do your own research of such products and ask at a specialist sports store.

Step 6:
Clean spills immediately. Only use warm water and an absorbent cloth. Soap will leave an unsightly scum stain.

Step 7:
Place the absorbent cloth over the spill.
 Don't press, just let the cloth do the work.
 Blot the area with a dry and clean uncolored cotton cloth.
This will soak up any remaining liquid.
Add warm water to the spill area and blot up again without rubbing.
 Felt responds poorly to rubbing; it shifts its shape, fluffs up,
 and it never looks the same again – don't do it!
 Continue until the spill is cleaned.